Monday, 26 December 2011

Fudge Presents

Congratulations! We have arrived at the end of four-plus weeks of holiday candy blogging, and we have survived. I would say we've survived in style, but I'm wearing fuzzy rabbit pajama pants as I type this, so hopefully you've survived in style, while I've just survived. Nevertheless! It's the last day of Christmas Candypalooza, and to celebrate, I brought you a present. Fudge Presents, to be precise.

These fudge candies look a little fussy, but I promise they're easy to put together. How easy are they? They're so easy, my husband actually made the ones in the photograph! This may not sound like a big deal, but this is the man who can only be trusted to make green salads because anything else has a good chance of being either raw or burned. (I love him dearly, but I speak the truth.) So my dear, sweet, cooking-challenged hubby was able to dip these fudge pieces in candy coating and then decorate them with strips of Fruit Roll-Ups, all with a minimum amount of drama and a maximum amount of fun.

To make things even easier, the fudge recipe I recommend is a simple microwave fudge--but you can of course use your favorite fudge, or adapt this idea to use brownie bites or rice crispy treats! I hope you all have yourselves a merry little Christmas, full of love and laughter and lots of sweet things.

Get the recipe: Fudge Presents

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