Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Holla for Halvah! Halvah (or halva, halava, helava, helva, halwa, halua...and about a million other variations--whew!) can refer to a wide variety of Middle Eastern sweets. Some are based on flour, nuts, or even vegetables and beans, but I prefer the kind that has a sesame seed base. My Halvah recipe uses tahini, which is a sesame seed paste commonly used in hummus. The tahini has a nutty, mild flavor and a really rich texture, so the halvah is creamy and flavorful.

Don't worry if this is all sounding a bit too savory--since this is a candy there is plenty of sugar, too! I also add nuts and vanilla extract for extra flavor. Pistachios are the traditional nut of choice, but almonds also work well. Want a bit more sweetness? Try adding some grated chocolate at the end!

Get the recipe: Halvah

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