Monday, 28 November 2011

Cranberry Pâte de Fruits

What's Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce? A sad turkey dinner, that's what! I think we can all agree cranberry sauce is a must this week. I started making my own a few years ago and couldn't believe how easy it is--cranberries, liquid, sugar, heat, DONE. It's so much better than the canned stuff, and takes minimal preparation work. I use a recipe that's very similar to this easy cranberry sauce recipe from our Culinary Arts guide, if you're in the market to make your own this year.

Why all the talk about cranberry sauce on a candy blog? Well, this classic Thanksgiving side dish is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about these Cranberry P?te de Fruits. Like all p?te de fruits, this one starts with a fruit puree--in this case, you basically cook down the cranberries just like you're making a cranberry sauce! After you have your cranberries pureed, you add a little sugar (okay, a lot of sugar) and some pectin, and cook until everything is thick and, dare I say, goopy. After the candy sets you have vibrant little squares with the sweet-tart taste of fresh cranberry sauce! Try adding a little orange zest to give them even more of a holiday flavor.

These candies are perfect if you want to wow your Thanksgiving guests with a delicious pre-dinner treat, or send them home with a lovely assortment of sweets in a goodie bag.

Get the recipe: Cranberry Pate de Fruits

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