Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Chocolate Cups

Attention, candy cohorts! This week's recipe are all based around chocolate cups--those adorable, edible candy delivery devices most commonly seen containing peanut butter filling. We will be tackling peanut butter cups soon--oh yes, we will--but before we get there, we need to start with the foundational skill of making the cups themselves. To get started, refer to this chocolate cup recipe or the chocolate cup photo tutorial.

Chocolate cups are not just used for making candies. They can also be filled with whipped cream, mousse, small scoops of ice cream, ganache, and any other soft and tasty filling you can think of. You can definitely buy chocolate cups--kitchen supply stores, Cost Plus, and even many liquor stores carry them--but it's several dollars for a dozen and I find mine are frequently broken, bloomed, or both when I open the package. So when I have the time, I save myself some frustration and money and make my own. It is a little time consuming, but they can be made in advance and stored for weeks before you use them, so with some advanced planning you can be rollin' in chocolate cups whenever you want!

Get the recipe:
Chocolate Cups
Chocolate Cups Photo Tutorial

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