Saturday, 18 February 2012

Chocolate Boxes for Packaging Valentine's Candy

For the last several weeks I've been focusing on Valentine's Day candies. But with Valentine's Day almost here, we must take a break from truffle-palooza and focus on a more pressing issue: how to package all this cute Valentine's candy. If you've made candy for friends, coworkers, or neighborhood riff-raff, you might be happy shoving it in some Tupperware and calling it good. But if you want the packaging to be as dazzling as the candy inside, consider making a Chocolate Box to hold your candy.

These edible chocolate boxes are so beautiful and eye-catching, your loved ones will practically throw the candy aside to get a better look at it. You can make it with or without a lid, and it's honestly as simple as doing a little addition and some light measuring with a ruler. However, if the thought of that gives you the heebie-jeebies, here's a photo tutorial showing how to make a chocolate box.

But wait, there's more. That beautiful gold heart on the front doesn't just magically appear when you glue the final side onto the chocolate box. (If only.) That heart is an example of a chocolate filigree, and I've put together a whole tutorial showing how to make chocolate monograms and filigrees. They look awesome on chocolate boxes, yes, but there are so many more uses for these chocolate decorations. Make a monogram to use as a cake topper for a birthday or shower, make a dozen filigrees to put on top of cupcakes, or make mini chocolate letters to use atop truffles or other candies. Once you start, you'll keep finding places to use them. Just promise you'll stop once your family is decorated with individual monograms atop their foreheads.

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