Sunday, 26 February 2012

S'mores Treats

I've had my fair share of Rice Crispy treats. I've also tried a few variations, like chocolate Rice Crispy treats and even Lucky Charms treats. (I can't quite recommend those...yelch.) But I've never tried to make these familiar marshmallow-and-cereal bars with graham cereal before...until now. I don't know what I was waiting for--it turns out they're pretty awesome, and super simple!

The idea is dead easy: Golden Grahams cereal (or a similar graham-based breakfast cereal) is mixed with marshmallows and chocolate chips, then covered with a gooey marshmallow mixture that holds everything together. The result is S'mores Treats, small bars with all the flavors of s'mores, no campfire required!

Get the recipe: S'mores Treats

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S'mores Treats Photo c2012 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to, Inc.

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