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Marshmallow Easter Eggs

You know the old saying "there's more than one way to skin a cat"? Well, I can't testify to the veracity of that (having never needed a skinned cat in my life) but I can tell you that there's more than one way to make an egg-shaped candy. If you plan in advance and don't mind spending a little money, you can buy egg-shaped candy molds, like you'd use to make Sugar Easter Eggs. If you're more of a do-it-yourselfer, you can use a hollowed-out egg shell, like with the Solid Chocolate Eggs I talked about a few days ago. Or maybe you're a minimalist, and like to use your hands to make egg shapes, like with these Chocolate-Peanut Butter Eggs. All good options! But I have a fourth trick you might not be familiar with: cornstarch.

Yes, plain old cornstarch.

In addition to making fondant less sticky and thickening soups and gravies, cornstarch makes an awesome candy mold. All you have to do is pack it in a pan, press your shape of choice into the starch, and pour in your candy filling. The cornstarch does a great job of holding the shape and making custom candy molds, and the best part is, you can re-use it endlessly, and then bake with it when you're done.

You can see a cornstarch mold in action in this recipe for Marshmallow Easter Eggs. I use a large soup spoon to make egg shapes in the starch, then pipe in some loose marshmallow filling. After a setting period, I have egg-shaped marshmallows--no fancy mold required. Check out the photo tutorial showing how to make these eggs for full details. This method also works really well with gummies, jellies, and other soft candies that are difficult to mold in traditional ways.

Get the recipe: Marshmallow Easter Eggs
Marshmallow Easter Eggs Photo Tutorial

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