Monday, 5 March 2012

Nutella Crispy Treats: In Which I Learn That I Am Not A Beautiful and Unique Snowflake

I had a whole blog post written about my new and exciting recipe for rice crispy treats made with Nutella. It included phrases like "never before tasted!" "world premiere!" "absolutely one of a kind!" and "sheer genius!" Well, fortunately I did a little exploratory googling before hitting "post," and found out that I am not the first person to have the idea to make rice crispy treats with Nutella. I'm not even the second. Or the third. Maybe more like the tenth...or hundredth.

I can't lie--I'm a little disappointed! I was picturing receiving giant trophies made out of rice crispy treats and a medal for "Most Delicious Recipe Inventor." I do take comfort in the fact that my recipe is a little different from others, in the proportions and in the mix-ins, which I think makes for a really tasty final product. My Nutella Crispy Treats have a high gooey-stuff-to-cereal ratio, so the bars are nice and chewy, not dry and painfully crunchy. I also like to add miniature chocolate chips and toasted hazelnuts, to give little bursts of flavor throughout the bar. And of course I recommend cutting them into small squares, the better to eat by the handful. So it's not the first of its kind, but it is absolutely delicious, and I can promise you won't be sorry if you try my version of Nutella rice crispy treats.

Get the recipe: Nutella Crispy Treats

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