Friday, 29 July 2011

Candy: Peanut Honey Toffee

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Peanut Honey Toffee
Jul 29th 2011, 09:33

As a child I would often eat peanut butter & honey sandwiches, because I loved the combination of the crunchy, savory peanut butter and the sticky, sweet honey. And because my father worked a few summers as a beekeeper, we literally had a lifetime supply of honey in big buckets in the garage. Looking back, it's amazing I didn't turn into a bee myself. Or should my honey addiction have turned me into a bear, Winnie the Pooh-style?

At any rate, I've recreated my favorite sandwich flavors in this recipe for Peanut Honey Toffee. This easy candy features whole peanuts, peanut butter, and a good dose of honey to create a classic toffee that's nutty, crunchy, and slightly chewy from the fragrant honey.

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Peanut Honey Toffee Photo ©2008 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to, Inc.

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