Monday, 2 January 2012

Chocolate Orange Fondue

You may be wondering why this Chocolate Orange Fondue is on a candy site. Well, first of all, fondue is delicious, so it is welcome anywhere. But more importantly, this fondue is made from a candy! My family has a tradition of receiving chocolate oranges in our Christmas stockings, which is a lovely custom, but it invariably means that we have a half-dozen chocolate oranges bouncing around the house after Christmas. Sometimes the oranges are eaten, but more often they're "saved" and rediscovered six months later, a little the worse for the wear.

Instead of hoarding our chocolate oranges this year, I've vowed to turn them into a delicious dessert instead. We'll take those chocolate oranges, melt them down, and add a little cream to produce this luxuriously rich Chocolate Orange Fondue. It's a creamy, smooth chocolate with a nice citrus flavor that makes it perfect for dipping fruits, cakes, rice crispy treats, marshmallows, or pretzels.

If you don't have any chocolate oranges, never fear. This recipe can be made with any good-quality chocolate, so gather all those scraps of chocolate bars and chips that are lying around, and get cooking! This is also a fun dessert for a New Year's Eve party--nothing says "ringing in the new year" like eating recycled candy from the year before!

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  1. Fondue is obviously delicious. I love to read your article. But i haven't Candy. So i think that i have to use quality Chocolate for this recipe as you have described in your post.
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