Monday, 2 January 2012

Cornflake Clusters

This week's theme is "lazy munchies," which does NOT mean munchies that lie around the house all day in their pajamas watching soap operas. Rather, we're talking about easy snacks that can be enjoyed during the last few days of vacation this year, the upcoming 3-day weekend, or any last-ditch holiday gatherings you have coming up. Given the theme, it only seems natural to be talking about...cornflakes?

Yep, that boring breakfast cereal actually makes a pretty decent candy ingredient! It's super crunchy but without a strong flavor, so it can be used to add great texture while letting other ingredients shine. First up: this recipe for Caramelized Cornflake Clusters may sound strange, but hear me out. The caramelized cornflakes in this recipe are deliciously crispy, sweet, milky, rich cornflakes baked until golden brown, and bound together with a touch of white chocolate. I can't compare it to anything else, because the flavor is so unique. You'll just have to believe me when I say they're fabulous, and extremely addicting.

If caramelizing your cornflakes sounds like too much work, try these Nutty Cornflake Clusters instead. This is one of those stealth recipes that I think could pass for gourmet if you gave it a fancy French name. Le Clusters a la Cornflakes avec Nuts, anyone? (I admit to never taking a day of French in my offense intended! I love the French and their delightful cheeses and pastries.) But back to the recipe! A simple combination of crushed corn flakes, peanut butter, and melted chocolate yields a deliciously nutty, crunchy, sweet and salty candy. Just serve them in gold foil cups on miniature doilies and you'll have everyone cooing over your fantastically gourmet imported candy clusters.

Get the recipes:
Caramelized Cornflake Clusters
Nutty Cornflake Clusters

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