Monday, 2 January 2012

Spiced Nuts Smörgåsbord

In my house candied nuts are practically a constant fixture--I like to keep a small bag of them on hand to serve to guests, toss into salads, and--let's be honest--eat as snacks when I get peckish. They also make a pretty amazing addition to homemade trail mix or granola bars! If you're ready to join me on the candied nut train, here are a few of my favorite recipes for candied spiced nuts. Spicy Party Nuts have it all--tangy lime, sweet honey, and spicy chili powder and cumin flavors! These addicting treats bake up brown and crispy, and you'll find that these nuts are the hit of your next party. They're also great on salads, in pilafs, or as anytime munchies.

Sweet and Spicy Candied Pecans are a mixed blessing. I would like to give them a wholehearted endorsement, but I am unfortunately still recovering from the last time I made a batch. As soon as they came out of the oven, with their gorgeous mahogany color and fragrant aroma, I was hooked. I found myself hovering around the pan and nibbling them constantly. I ate them for pre-dinner snacks and post-dinner treats. It is safe to say that, except for the handful I used in another dessert, I ate the whole batch myself in a few days. So, although I love these crunchy, spicy devils, I have to warn you that unless you have a willpower of steel, or hate delicious candied nuts, you should exercise extreme caution around these pecans.

Spiced Nuts can join popcorn and chocolate-covered almonds on the list of "foods I cannot stop putting in my mouth." This recipe is a little bit unusual--instead of being coated with sugar and baked, the nuts are first tossed with egg whites, then a mix of granulated sugar and cinnamon. The foamy whites bake to form a crispy shell that's lighter than air, giving these nuts a unique and delicious texture. I like using pecans and walnuts, but you can use any nuts you like.

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