Sunday, 8 January 2012

Chocolate Orange Mousse Squares

Gather round, everyone, gather round. I have an announcement to make. Recently I made Chocolate Orange Mousse Squares, and I think they may be my new favorite thing. Ever. In the history of things! Shhh, don't tell sea salt caramels.

Allow me to explain the allure of these dessert-y candies. I call them "mousse squares" because they have the rich flavor and light texture of chocolate mousse. They're creamy, deeply chocolatey squares studded with buttery shortbread, crunchy hazelnuts and tangy candied orange peel. Every bite has a different texture and flavor profile, and I love that they taste so decadent but take only a few minutes to whip up in a mixing bowl. They're so delicate they have to be served from the refrigerator or freezer, which is a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because they taste excellent when they're firm and chilled, but a curse because the freezer used to be where I hid sweets I didn't want to constantly eat, and now my safe space is full of tasty treats, just ready to be eaten straight from the freezer. It's times like these I think a second freezer is necessary...or perhaps just more willpower. Naaaah.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Orange Mousse Squares

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