Monday, 29 August 2011

Apple Spice Truffles

An Ode to Apple Spice Truffles*

I think that I shall never spy
A food as yummy as apple pie.

But to get the crust exactly right
Takes luck, and skill, and all one's might.

It's hours before the baking's through,
So what's a pie-craving person to do?

May I suggest these humble treats
With an apple pie taste that can't be beat.

Apple Spice Truffles have lots of flavor
From apples and cinnamon, there's much to savor.

To finish them off, try a sprinkle of graham
One bite of these, and your mouth says "Wham!

"These truffles are great, they're truly delicious!
I get the taste of apple pie, without all the dishes."

*with thanks (or apologies!) to Joyce Kilmer, whose poem "Trees" does not deserve this type of shoddy parody.

Get the recipe: Apple Spice Truffles

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Apple Spice Truffles Photo c2010 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to, Inc.

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