Saturday, 13 August 2011

Peach Pâtes de Fruits

In the grand scheme of things, having too many peaches is not a bad problem to have. Too many Brussels sprouts? Ugh. Too many cockroaches? Gross. Too many inches around the tummy? Sigh. But too many peaches? THAT I can handle!

In prime summer months, when peaches are bursting out of the trees and practically launching themselves into my waiting arms, I eat as many fresh peaches as I can handle, then I look for creative ways to use the rest in recipes. Peach pie, peach cobbler, and peach jam are all good ways to make use of quickly ripening peaches. I've even been known to toss them into salads or atop pizzas for a quick punch of fruit flavor. Another clever way to make use of extra-ripe peaches is this recipe for Peach P?tes de Fruits. A quick peach puree is cooked down, with a bit of sugar and pectin, until it is ultra-thick and chewy. Once the candy has set, it's cut into small squares and rolled in granulated sugar. These little bites taste like a mouthful of sweet-tart peach jam. The recipe only makes an 8x8 pan, so if you have lots of peaches (or lots of hungry friends) you might consider doubling it. And come to think of it, having too many Peach P?tes de Fruits is not a bad problem to have either!

Get the recipe: Peach P?tes de Fruits

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