Thursday, 11 August 2011

National S'mores Day? Yes Please!

Hey, did you know today is National S'mores Day? If you need an excuse to enjoy some melty chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and crispy graham crackers, allow me to provide you with some gentle online peer pressure: It's a National day! Everyone is doing it! You're practically obligated to make s'mores today! You can enjoy the warm outdoor weather and make s'mores over a grill outside, or you can take advantage of modern technology and use your microwave, oven broiler, or even your computer* to make s'mores at home!

But of course, this is a candy website, so the fun doesn't stop at traditional s'mores. No, take a gander at this list of S'mores Candy Recipes and see if something else doesn't tempt your sweet tooth. Maybe some truffles that use s'mores ingredients, or S'mores Fudge, or even playful S'mores Pops? Remember: it's National S'mores Day. Resistance is futile.

*The author absolutely does not recommend you use this method.

Get the recipes: S'mores Candy Recipes

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