Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Macadamia Coconut Bonbons

What could be more summery than a bonbon made from macadamia nuts and coconut, two ingredients that practically SCREAM "island paradise"? How about if we make said tropical bonbon entirely in the microwave, so you can make them without heating your kitchen up to volcano-level temperatures? It's a deal!

Put on your finest muumuu and get ready to hulu with delight, because these Macadamia Coconut Bonbons are just about the perfect warm-weather treat. They're crammed with the buttery, salty flavor of macadamia nuts and chewy, sweet shredded coconut. My favorite ingredient, though, might actually be the marshmallows. (Say what?!) They're more of a "secret" ingredient, in that you don't really taste them in the final product, but they're crucial to giving the bonbons the texture and structure they need to stay together. They're also what allows these bonbons to be cooked in the microwave instead of using a traditional stovetop method that involves boiling sugar for ages. So three cheers for the humble marshmallow, and three more cheers for fabulous microwave candies that let us enjoy our sweets without breaking a sweat!

Get the recipe: Macadamia Coconut Bonbons

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