Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dried Apricot Candies

Is it strange that I always think of eating ears when I'm eating dried apricots? (Maybe you shouldn't answer that.) It's not that I have subconscious cannibal tendencies--I don't think--it's just that dried apricots look alarmingly like what I imagine dried ears would look like. These are the thoughts that haunt my mind, people. And now I have haunted your minds as well. Let's put chewy ears off to the side for a moment and focus on dried apricots instead. They're sweet-tart, chewy, and oh so good. I like them plain or dipped in chocolate, but if you're looking for an even more exciting candy, consider one of these gems:

Chopped dried apricots and almond and orange extract give this pretty pale orange Apricot Fondant lots of flavor. If you have apricot extract all the better, but in truth the dried apricots add plenty of apricot taste on their own. I like these creams with a white chocolate coating, so it doesn't overwhelm the delicate flavor, but they're also good dipped in milk chocolate, or simply rolled in crushed almonds. Another good option would be pistachios--I think orange centers, dipped in white chocolate, and topped with green pistachios would look gorgeous.

It may sound weird to describe Apricot Balls as "jam in a truffle," but that's about what they taste like. In a good way! The filling has a robust apricot flavor and a lovely chew, and the tart apricots and dark chocolate keep them from being too sweet. Just don't try to spread them on toast.

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