Friday, 23 September 2011

Bacon Caramels

So you've made a bunch of bacon candies, and now you're left with a delicious mug of bacon fat. What's to be done? Well, let's discuss some options. You could drink it, although if you did that, you might not be around much longer to enjoy candies of any type. (Plus, even the thought of that is giving me dry heaves.) You could save it and use it to make a tasty batch of scrambled eggs once a week for the next 10 years. You could toss it, but that seems like a waste, especially when there are so many people in this world without any bacon fat at all, and here you are thinking about throwing it out. No, the only solution is to use some of that bacon fat to make these Bacon Caramels.

Despite what their name might suggest, Bacon Caramels actually have a subtle bacon taste, since the only bacon in the recipe is the fat, which acts as a butter substitute. You don't get any big pockets of bacon tucked away in the middle of the caramels, just a light smokiness, a savory undertone that's impossible to describe but difficult to ignore. Of course, if you'd prefer a stronger bacon taste, you can do what I did with half of the batch, and sprinkle the tops of the caramels with crumbled crispy bacon while they are still soft. I topped the remaining caramels with flaked sea salt, and although I liked both versions, I actually preferred the salted caramels! Sometimes less is more, and in this instance, I found that just a hint of bacon in my caramels is the right amount for me. But don't take my word for it--try it yourself and see what you think.

Get the recipe: Bacon Caramels

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