Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chocolate Bacon Bark

If you happen to follow trends in the world of fine chocolate, you have probably noticed that chocolate bars are getting more experimental. Gone are the days when adding ginger or cayenne qualified as "daring." Now we are seeing chocolate paired with truffles (the fungus, not the confection), fois gras, and bacon.

After reading about these unlikely pairings for months, I finally decided to try experimenting for myself. In a fit of Dr. Frankenstein-esque mad scientist glee, I melded two disparate snacks into one unholy union: Chocolate Bacon Bark! Semi-sweet chocolate is studded with crispy bacon and topped with more chopped bacon, for a candy that baffles the taste buds and clogs the arteries. If you are searching for the new frontier in chocolate candy, give this recipe a try--but save the truffles and fois gras for another time. And if you're a committed bacon lover, stay tuned: this is the beginning of BACON WEEK, a full week of bacon-riffic reicpes on the candy blog!

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