Saturday, 10 September 2011

Toasted Marshmallow Truffles

I got the idea for these Toasted Marshmallow Truffles when reading a recipe for toasted marshmallow ice cream. Obviously, my mouth started watering as soon as I read those words, and I was immediately curious--how did they get the toasted marshmallow flavor into the ice cream? Some costly exotic extract? A fancy French flavor extrusion technique? Well, it turns out they simply stirred some toasted marshmallows into an ice cream base, and called it good. I thought to myself, "A monkey could do that! I am smarter than a monkey! I could do that too!"

So I did.

Instead of making ice cream, I decided to do what I do best and make candy--specifically, Toasted Marshmallow Truffles. Real marshmallows are toasted under a broiler (or with a kitchen torch, if you're a pyromaniac like me fancy) and are then mixed into a white chocolate truffle base. After they're dipped, they're each topped with a miniature toasted marshmallow for decoration. These are a great way to add a little class to the familiar campfire favorite--just don't try sticking them between two graham crackers!

Get the recipe: Toasted Marshmallow Truffles

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