Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hazelnut Toffee

If you ask me, toffee is best when it's cooked extra dark, so that the toasted nuts and caramelized sugar flavors are really intense. I can't really get behind pale, sticky toffees that are barely colored and cooked. So when I make this Hazelnut Toffee, I cook it to 300 degrees F so that it's near the edge of burnt--but not over!--and has a deliciously dark, smoky, rich taste. To balance these deep notes out, I usually drizzle it with milk chocolate, or if I'm feeling really indulgent, dunk whole squares in milk chocolate to add a little sweetness. If you don't share my desire to live on the edge, you can cook it much less and still have a deliciously buttery, crunchy toffee.

Get the recipe: Hazelnut Toffee

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