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Marzipan Fingers

Marzipan fingers are the ultimate ghoulish Halloween candy! Delicious almond marzipan is fashioned into frighteningly lifelike severed fingers. Eat them if you dare! This recipe makes 8 fingers, but you can always modify the recipe and vary the size of the fingers to suit your needs.

You can make your own marzipan, or purchase it from most large grocery stores. Marzipan most commonly comes in 7-ounce tubes (the quantity called for here) but you can use more or less depending on what you have available.

Prep Time: 20?minutes

Total Time: 20?minutes


  • 7 ounces marzipan, homemade or purchased
  • 8 whole almonds
  • Red food coloring
  • Small food-safe paintbrush


1. Pour a small amount of red food coloring on a small plate, and use a small paintbrush to paint the almonds with the food coloring. (Alternately, you can use blanched almonds and skip this step for natural-colored nails.) Set painted almonds aside to dry while you form the fingers.

2. Coat your hands with powdered sugar, or wear plastic gloves. Knead the marzipan until it has softened slightly. Divide the marzipan into 8 equal pieces.

3. Working with one piece at a time, roll the marzipan between your palms so that it forms a thin tube. Work the tube until it resembles a finger: pinch small sections closer together, leaving other sections wider, to resemble finger knuckles. Use a toothpick to create ridges on the knuckles.

4. Taper one end of the finger, and press an almond firmly into the end for the fingernail. Using your nails, fray the other end of the finger so that it looks severed. Dip the severed end of the finger in the food coloring (or paint the finger with the coloring brush) and place the finger on a baking sheet. Repeat with remaining marzipan and almonds.

5. Store marzipan fingers in an airtight Tupperware container for up to two weeks, or freeze well-wrapped marzipan fingers for up to three months.

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