Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bacon Pralines

You might not believe this, but the bacon isn't even my favorite part of this Bacon Pralines recipe. Sure, I like the slight saltiness and smokiness it gives the pralines. But I'm an even bigger fan of the buttermilk in the recipe that gives the crumbly brown sugar candies a slight tang and a deep golden brown color, and I love the orange zest that adds just the right hint of fruity flavor. The bacon, the buttermilk, and the orange zest all combine to put a modern spin on an old familiar Southern favorite.

If you haven't made pralines before, I recommend checking out this 2-minute video tutorial showing how to make pralines. Making pralines is not exactly rocket science, but it does take a little bit of practice to recognize when they're done being beaten and ready to be formed, and it's much easier to do once you've seen what they should look like. So check it out, wave hi to me on screen, then get your bacon pralines on!

Get the recipe: Bacon Pralines

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