Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tiramisu Truffle Squares

It may sound incongruous, but I'm a coffee and alcohol teetotaler who loves tiramisu. That's right, the dessert that's often served with so much espresso and booze soaking the cake that it should be called "tirawheeeesu!" is one of my favorites. I think one of the things that so draws me to tiramisu is the contrasting textures. I love the soft, creamy mascarpone paired with soaked ladyfingers that have lost some of their bite, but still retain their cakey quality. And of course, all of the heavy cream and cocoa powder and strong coffee flavors don't hurt either.

I kept these elements in mind when designing these Tiramisu Truffle Squares. It's definitely an unusual hybrid of a dessert--cut into squares like fudge, but with a ganache base like a truffle. However you want to categorize it, the important thing is that it features the signature flavors of tiramisu in decadent candy form. Ladyfinger cookies are encased in a rich chocolate ganache flavored with almond extract, coffee, and brandy. It's best to make these with soft ladyfingers so the cookies practically melt into the silky ganache, just like they melt into the mascarpone in traditional tiramisu. After a few of these you'll be yelling "tirawheeeesu!" too.

Get the recipe: Tiramisu Truffle Squares

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