Saturday, 22 October 2011

Candy Corn Crafts

I know it seems crazy and counterintuitive to do anything with candy corn other than eat it, but if you are feeling wild and crazy (or just sick of consuming sugar) here are a few candy corn crafts to get your house in the Halloween spirit!

Candy Corn Wreath: Using a pre-made wreath form makes this craft go by faster than you can say "glue gun." I love the look of this bright and festive wreath paired with an orange or black ribbon. Make sure you cover it with a protective layer of Mod Podge or something similar if you're going to hang it outdoors!

Candy Corn Tree: This is a perfect centerpiece for a Halloween party or candy buffet. Top a small flowerpot with a foam cone and go to town attaching your candy corn.

Candy Corn Branches: This is the simplest of the crafts, but it just might be the most striking. I love the haunting, creepy look of the spindly branches with just a few candy corn pieces dangling from the ends. Best displayed while making "Ooohwhoooooo" ghost sounds.

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Candy Corn Wreath Photo c2010 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to, Inc.

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