Friday, 28 October 2011

Werewolf Truffles

I just want you to know, I'm really holding back in the cheesy writing department. When it came time to write about these Werewolf Truffles, I almost called them "howlingly good." Then there was that pun about their bark and their "bite." Yes, sometimes I even make myself groan. So I decided to dial down the cheese factor and instead give it to you straight: these Werewolf Truffles are a delicious chocolate-peanut butter truffle, molded to look like little werewolf heads. Their ears are graham crackers, their eyes are red hots, and their noses are miniature chocolate chips. The best part, though, is the textured "fur" on the outside.

The secret to getting this cool furry look is to wait until the chocolate coating is tacky to the touch, then roll the truffles on a cooling rack. Some of the chocolate will rub off, and the rest will become rough and textured, just like wolf fur! If you want a little more guidance, I also have a video showing how to make Werewolf Truffles. I guarantee you won't be want to wait to sink your claws into these. (Sorry, sorry! I'm really finished now.)

Get the recipe: Werewolf Truffles

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