Friday, 21 October 2011

Vampire Bait: Bloody Candies

Velllllcome. I vant to share vith you zis collection of candies featuring everyone favorite bodily fluid, blooooood. Mwahaha! First, zee Blood-Splattered Fudge. A smooth and creamy white chocolate fudge ees covered in red food coloring splatters that look disturbingly like blood. Eet ees not for the squeamish, but if you're looking for the perfect scary candy for Halloween, look no further than this gruesomely delicious fudge.

Next, you von't be able to resist biting into zees Bleeding Truffles! Zee innocent-looking chocolate truffles contain a surprise center of red jam that oozes out when you bite into the truffles, just guessed it...bloooood.

And finally, a candy near and dear to my heart, Vampire Bite Truffles! Zhey have bloody vampire fang marks on the outside and ooze red "blood" when you bite into zhem! Zees truffles are made of sweet almond marzipan and contain a liquid cherry filling that gushes once bitten. Don't miss zee photo tutorial showing how to make Vampire Bite Truffles. Vhichever bloody candy you choose, I hope you enjoy sucking them down! Mwahaha!

Get the recipes: Blood-Splattered Fudge
Bleeding Truffles
Vampire Bite Truffles
Vampire Bite Truffles Photo Tutorial

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