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Chocolate-Filled Witch Hats

Chocolate-Filled Witch Hats(c) 2009 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to, Inc.

These clever Chocolate-Filled Witch Hats Halloween candies feature crunchy ice cream cones, shortbread cookies, and a delicious chocolate truffle filling.

You can use any round, thin cookies you’d like to make these hats. I’ve used chocolate-striped shortbread cookies with good success, and found that the hole in the center isn’t a problem as long as the ganache is chilled enough to not drip down from the cone. Don't miss the video showing how to make chocolate-filled witch hats!

Yield: 12 witch hats


  • 3.5 oz semi-sweet chocolate (about 1/2 cup chopped)
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream
  • 12 pointy-tipped ice cream cones
  • 12 thin, round cookies
  • 12 oz (about 2 cups) chocolate candy coating wafers
  • 1 fruit roll-up (optional)


1.Finely chop the semi-sweet chocolate and place it in a small bowl. Put the cream in a small saucepan over medium-high heat and bring it to a simmer, but do not allow it to boil.

2. Pour the hot cream over the chopped chocolate and gently whisk it until the chocolate melts and the mixture becomes smooth and homogenous. This is your “ganache.” Press some cling wrap directly on top of the ganache, and place it in the refrigerator until it is firm enough to pipe, about 1 hour.

3. Once your ganache is a spoonable texture (but not too firm, or it will be hard to work with), remove it from the refrigerator and place it in a piping bag fitted with a ? inch round tip, or if you don’t have this, into a large Ziploc bag with a ? inch hole cut in the corner.

4. Use a sharp serrated knife to cut the ice cream cones about 2 inches from the bottom, creating small mini-cones about 2.5 inches long. Try to get them fairly even, but don't worry if they're not perfectly straight.

5. Insert the tip of the piping bag in a cone and squeeze until it is filled with ganache. Overfill it slightly, so that there is extra ganache coming out from the top. Center the ganache-filled cone onto a round cookie. The extra ganache will help “glue” the cone to the cookie. Repeat with remaining ganache and cones. Place the 12 witch hats on a baking sheet and refrigerate them until the ganache is firm, about 1 hour more.

6. Place the candy coating in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave until melted, stirring after every 30 seconds to prevent overheating.

7. Once the coating is melted and smooth, dip the witch hats completely in the coating, using forks or dipping tools. Tap the fork against the side of the bowl to encourage excess coating to drip back down, and scrape the bottom of the cookie against the lip of the bowl to remove excess coating. Place the dipped hat back on the baking sheet and repeat with remaining witch hat candies.

8. If you would like to add ribbons to your hats, unwrap the fruit roll-up and use a pizza cutter or sharp knife to cut twelve thin strips from the roll-up. Wrap a strip around each hat. You can either trip off the extra, or cross it into a decorative ribbon or bow.

9. Refrigerate the hats to set the coating, about 10 minutes. Chocolate-Filled Witch Hats can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for several days, but their taste and texture is best the day they are made.

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