Saturday, 22 October 2011

Spider Candies You Won't Want to Squish

Today I have a bevy of spider, a, a DO you call a group of spiders? (A murder of spiders?) Well, whatever the proper term is, I have one of those for you! A handful of delicious and creepy spider candies to get you in the Halloween mood. First up: Spider Truffles. I love the look of these spider truffles, with their fat chocolate bodies atop black licorice legs. You can give them faces and personalities, but I prefer my spiders to be as anonymous and far from human as possible!

Spider Lollipops are the easiest candy you'll ever make, consider the fact that they consist of store-bought lollipops and some pipe cleaners. (Oh, and googly eyes! Mustn't forget the googly eyes.) Their super-easy nature makes them a perfect kid-friendly activity or treat.

If truffles and lollipops don't float your boat, try these Candy Spiders instead. They may look small and innocent, but these marshmallow and chocolate confections are actually viciously addicting and savagely delicious. The only way to exterminate candy spiders is to eat every last one of them. Are you up for the challenge?

Lastly, let's not forget a home for our creepy creations. These Spiderwebs Candy are an incredibly easy Halloween candy, and everyone will love the great taste of salty, crunchy pretzels and smooth, sweet white chocolate. If you don't want to draw the spider in the middle of the web, you can place a raisin or chocolate chip in the center to represent the spider.

Get the recipes: Spider Truffles
Spider Lollipops
Candy Spiders
Spiderwebs Candy

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