Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fill All Candy Buffet Containers Fully

One of the cardinal rules of creating a candy buffet is to make everything look generous and plentiful. It is better to have smaller containers overflowing with candy than to have large containers that are halfway full. You can always refill your small containers to keep them looking full and lovely!

In my candy buffet, I wanted to display a large variety and number of candies, so in order to make everything fit without looking overcrowded, I chose small serving platters that could be re-filled as they were depleted, like the platter holding my marzipan brains. Small plates also allow the smaller candies to be appreciated. Too many werewolf truffles or witch truffles would look overwhelming and the details would be lost.

Want to make some of these candies yourself? Try one of these recipes:

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