Saturday, 15 October 2011

Halloween Candy Skewers

The real story behind these Halloween Candy Skewers isn't the recipe itself. Heck, there's not even a "recipe" to speak of. This is more like a craft suggestion. A "hey-it's-raining-let's-put-this-Halloween-candy-to-good-use" plan. An excuse to buy candies you wouldn't normally buy. All of those things, yes, but a recipe? Not so much. All you need to know about making these skewers is as follows:
  • It's easiest if you use the thinnest wooden skewers you can find
  • Softer candies work better, too--nothing harder than a gummy!
  • The grosser the candy, the more little ones will love skewering them on their candy kabobs.

Speaking of gross candies, look what I found when I finished making my skewers! Fuzzy, moldy, repulsive gummy body parts! These are completely disgusting, but not for the reason the manufacturer intended. I purchased them about a week ago, but I can only guess that they must have sat on that store shelf much, much longer before some unwitting sap (me!) picked them up. So I guess I can add a fourth piece of advice to the "recipe" above: make sure your candies aren't moldy! Sure, it seems obvious, until you're staring down a white and fuzzy gummy nose with a queasy feeling in your stomach.

Get the recipe: Halloween Candy Skewers

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